Why are titles and labels so important??? I mean, I guess it’s a way to categorize everyone. Give them their place – where they belong – or where others think they belong. At one hotel I worked for, as a sales manager, we were always reminded of our titles as they held certain privileges (or drawbacks). I had to discuss issues or problems with my Director of Group Sales. He could then bring them to the Director of Sales, who could bring them to the General Manager. Heaven forbid I actually TALK to the General Manager as a peon Sales Manager! And then there were senior sales managers. They were sales managers with more tenure. Other than that, there was nothing more “senior” about them but they felt all the more superior! And at another job as a Marketing Specialist when they wanted to justify pay cuts, I was “demoted” to Marketing Coordinator – yet I was still doing the exact same job. Huh. But I digress… I was so glad to leave behind titles and hierarchy when exiting the corporate world to open up shop on my own.

What was my title in my own organization of one? Owner. Marketing Director. Head honcho. Business Owner. President. CFO. WHO CARES! I was just reveling in my new journey with a business and freedom!

But then… I discovered I was being classified as an entrepreneur! Oxford defines an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.” So yeah, I thought. I am an entrepreneur. Go me!!! In light of this new information “what do I do” was now answered with “I started my own marketing consulting company. I am an entrepreneur”. Darn it. I just gave in to my new title. A new label to justify my status. My worth. My contribution to society.

But, it’s only me. Ah! So, I am a solopreneur.
But, I am a mom and work in condensed hours while the kids are at school or sleeping or playing in traffic (just kidding). So, I am a mompreneur.
But I am a headstrong female. So, I’m a fempreneur.
I have an informational DIY video course for sale so I am an infopreneur.
Had I been a student starting a company, I’d be a studentprenuer
Once when applying for a job, HR described the position as “intrapreneurial”! Entrepreneur minded while working for an organization.

And on. And on.

I soon realized that even in the world of owning your own biz, there is still the need to categorize! And oh don’t get me started on the several strings of social media posts I have been involved in trying to determine if people working with direct sales companies are business owners, entrepreneurs, sales representatives or something else! If you want to start a heated debate, post this on your wall!

So the question is – why do we all care so much?

I can only guess that by saying I am an entre-solo-mom-fem-info-preneur that I will attract like-minded people into my warm, fuzzy tribe. It’s my niche so to speak.

But why the competitiveness between folks for a title?

Can’t everyone agree that each one of us is just trying to do our best? To find something we can get behind? Something we believe in? Something that allows us to use our “gifts”? And that aligns with our values? And allows us to pay our mortgage, put food on the table and pay the Nordstrom bill at the end of the month? And oh yeah, be proud of who we are when we look in the mirror. Exhausting, isn’t it?

Let’s all make a difference where we can. So, call me what you want. At the end of the day, I like to say I am a marketing partner. A marketing therapist. A marketing consultant. And a mom. And a business of one. And a kick-ass female. Oh gosh – here I go again…