By now you must know that I am obsessed with my dog. So much so that I hate even calling him a dog. Because he is so much more than that. He’s my daily running partner, unofficial health coach, my faithful work companion, and my kid’s perpetual toddler-like playmate.

But I promise you I am not the crazy dog lady. This is my first dog and I am constantly amazed at how these 4-legged creatures can live in the moment, love unconditionally and provide an optimistic view of the world. So, as I said, I spend a lot of time with my guy – mostly in the mornings running him – or tiring him out so I can get something (anything!) done the rest of the day without him whining and dropping a ball at my feet.

But this dude also gives me occasional inspiration (not to mention he is the only one in my house that will let me post him on social media).

Alpine is a 2-year-old Vizsla. A natural born hunter. On our walks, he stalks nearly ever critter from lizards, and birds to his favorite – squirrels. Stalking the skunk didn’t work out so well… Every day he stands in his instinctive preying position – body to tail – straight. Still. Slowly and silently creeping up upon his prey. And every single day he is unsuccessful. He has never, ever caught a thing. One time, in Balboa Park, we let him do his ritual and a woman scolded us for allowing the dog to hunt (poor squirrel, she said). If she only knew the pup never caught anything…

Stay with me, people, I am getting to my point. So I began to think about his tenacity, resiliency, patience and attitude about himself while trying to hunt. And I began to think about how this relates to us, in our lives and our businesses. Alpine begins each day with the same rigor and excitement about hunting as the day before! He doesn’t have negative self-talk. I doubt he tells himself he’s a loser, or don’t bother you never catch anything, just forget it or, worse, I give up. Each day his focus is renewed.  Each day, he employs his talents and gifts and says (or barks) that today is the day I will succeed.

In our lives and businesses, we should emulate Alpine’s attitude. Just because we don’t reach a goal, or don’t know how to do something today or (yikes) fail at something (or many things) – we should always think about Alpine and his dedication towards his goal.

Our squirrel is out there.  Everyday.  Waiting for us to catch.

Never give up trying to catch your squirrel.