I freelance/consult under my own business Handcrafted Marketing.  I’ve branded myself as the no-nonsense, straight talking, ex NY’er, high heel wearing, coffee addicted, say it like it is content marketing and social media strategist.  While some business buddies took their branding photos by the beach in a serene peaceful setting, I took mine holding a megaphone shouting marketing messages from a warehouse garage!  But this is who I am so it wasn’t hard to stay true to my branding while the “heart centered”, “follow your gifts”, “soulpreneur” movement started taking real shape.  All over, marketers and coaches looking for business posted quotes about self-love, self-care and healing old wounds while helping people stay clear of narcissistic client’s sure to mess with their mental health!  

Suddenly everyone was talking to the universe and flocking to work with the soulful and the healers.  

That’s great I would tell my clients!  Work on yourself, but do it on your own time!  We’ve got business to do!  I was still set on keeping business, well, business and soul work separate from each other.  

Now I’m a people person and an extrovert.  I love to get to know my clients. Where are you from?  How many kids (cats) do you have, are you married, do you like chocolate?  Why did you start your business?  But jumping on the bandwagon to learn their wounds and what made them warm and fuzzy on the inside wasn’t part of the contract! 

I would argue with my best friend- ex Hollywood producer/reporter turned intuitive healer and best selling author trying to stick to my “I don’t need the Universe’s help with my life”!  Why did there have to be “more” out there? Why couldn’t things just “be”?

Fast forward a few years, I can put my tail between my legs and say, yes. You. Do.  But it’s not for my clients.  It’s for ME!  I realize the better I know myself, the more peaceful I become at my core and the more I am able to be present, work with clients who are aligned with me and really help them.  I was missing the piece of the puzzle that makes everything purpose driven. It takes the chaos and “doing” and replaces it with understanding, quiet and “being”.  

So I agreed to an intuitive session with said best friend, Laura Saltman – designed to take a closer look at ways to improve myself and and my quality of life. In one hour, she guided me through some deep stuff.  Gave me clarity on things that were holding me back and some strategies to move forward.   

There was no judgement only love and deep care.  She helped me verbalize things that both she and I didn’t know existed for me prior to the session!  

So you win soulful, heart-centered, intuitive people!  There’s work to be done for all of us to live our best, most happiest lives free from the theoretical chains that hold us back.  And I can see now how this inner work will positively affect all aspects of my life from raising my kids to helping my clients on a deeper level!  

I’m still going to yell marketing messages through a megaphone, but perhaps I’ll take the heels off and dig my toes in the sand and reflect afterwards!  

If you’re looking for a bit of transformation, answers or to remove the roadblocks in your life, I would book an intuitive session with Laura too!