About Lisa Feren


As a child, I was the smallest and LOUDEST. You knew I was there. I didn’t let anyone get away with anything if I felt like I was getting short end of “it”! I knew what I deserved and went after it and didn’t let others stand in my way. Now, all grown up and standing a whopping 5 foot 1 inch – that desire to be seen and heard has never gone away.

And now it is my mission and the reason I do what I do: to make sure you are seen and heard.

I want this to be the year where you finally take charge of your business and your life and get things done! I want to support every entrepreneur and small business out there who has a belief that there is something bigger and better they’re meant to do! I want to assist you as you finally attract more customers, increase sales and reach new heights in your business. I want to be your cheerleader, the voice behind you that says “yes you can” and your “marketing therapist” helping you assemble the puzzle of marketing and PR so you reach your goals and dreams!


And yes, I really do care! And you’ll be able to tell. My energy is contagious.



Growing up in New York with a father who was a Manhattan attorney, I always thought it was expected of me to get an “appropriate job”. I learned the harder you worked, the more rewarded you’ll be (WHAT?!). I toyed with law school like my Dad, but decided to just join the workforce out of college.

I have always loved marketing. I used to memorize all the tv commercials and jingles. I knew all the product’s slogans and taglines by heart. As I got older, I was always looked upon to come up with copy for something- a team name, a song, a poem. It was no wonder that I chose Marketing in college as my major.

For 15 years, I remained in sales and marketing positions with Fortune 500 companies such as Starwood Hotels, Hard Rock Hotels and California Closets. I always made my jobs “work” – even thought I was emotionally and physically exhausted and the positions were stealing my time, creativity, excitement and “passions”. Seriously, in one job, the sales department and my cubicle was housed in the basement. No windows and exhaust fumes seeping through the parking garage into our offices. I was physically and literally TRAPPED! I was earning “good” money, it all came at a price.  I began to feel like I was signing my life away for the paycheck – without really HELPING anyone.

I finally swallowed the fear, took the leap – quit the 9-5, opened up shop and never looked back.

I love working with people, meeting new people and making a difference in people’s lives. I can help take the scary out of creating your marketing plan and replace it with excitement! Excitement for your future.



In the corporate world of sales, marketing and public relations spanning almost two decades, I have built a firm business knowledge that translates across the many industries and fields from service providers to products.  I continuously excelled in sales, winning several sales awards and honored for sales achievements.  I have successfully written and executed marketing plan after marketing plan.  With each company, I have pitched the media and have been on the morning news, magazines, blogs and TV commercials time and time again.

Why should the big companies get all the glory?  Isn’t it time for YOU to shine?


Here’s to you!



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