Join Us!  Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Social Media Mastermind

The REAL return on your investment!

Join Lisa Feren, Online Social Media, Sales, and PR Strategist and Owner of Handcrafted Marketing and Stephanie Antin, Social Media Strategist and Communications Specialist at  as we brainstorm and inspire new possibilities for YOUR social media!

Social Media is Here to Stay…

Yup – it’s true.  Love it or hate it, your business relies on social media to increase brand awareness, build relationships, connect with customers and relay important information.  Potential clients need it to stay informed and make buying decisions.

–> Does just thinking about social media stress you out?  What to post?  When to post?  Where to post?
–> You know social media presence is important so you’re on it but you just throw things together and hope people see it and better yet like it?

–> When you started social media for your business, did you REALLY do the work to build a social media strategy?
–>Is it in line with your corporate vision and mission?
–> Does it inspire people?  Entertain them?  Educate anyone?  Move someone to action?

You’re spinning your wheels (YIKES) if you don’t have goals and a plan and a message strategy…  It is estimated only 3% of companies are maximizing social media’s full potential!

Social media is an extension of your marketing plan.  A virtual sales team.  When you put a REAL strategy in place, define REAL goals and MEASURE results, you can ROCK social media – FINALLY growing your business and sales!!!!

Let’s do it, now.  Together.

Because when you do:

Your customers and potential customers will look to you as the expert.  They’ll want to like and follow you and want to buy what you’re selling.

During this one-day intensive workshop, you’ll get a few hours with two experts – yup, me, Lisa Feren, Online Marketing Strategist and Trainer and Stephanie Antin – Social Media Strategist and Expert.  We’ll roll up our sleeves and dig in deep to get your social media on the fast track.  You’ll complete practical exercises, receive how-to advice, critiques, worksheets, and templates.

No matter what condition your social media is in prior to the mastermind – you’ll leave with a COMPLETE social media roadmap and strategy to hit the ground running the moment you walk out the doors!

What we won’t do:

We won’t bore you for hours talking about the same old stuff you’ve heard a million times before about social media.

What we will do:

Dive deep into the steps needed to uplevel your use of social media to act as an extension of your marketing and sales team. We’ll get your social channels to work with your overall business strategy in order to increase your exposure, public awareness and increase sales!

We’ll cover:

*The importance of social media to the growth of your business
*Outside of the box ways companies are maximizing use of social media
*Message strategies that connect with your ideal customers
*Creating your own social media calendar
*Defining and measuring goals
*Discuss the best social channels for your individual business
*Perfect your profiles across several different platforms
*Get new ideas on how to increase engagement and interaction
*Benefits of groups and how to successfully run groups
*Discuss how to run and implement advertising campaigns
*How to use social media for PR, partnerships, and outreach

It won’t take months or weeks.  In this 3 hour mastermind, you’ll walk away with vision, a plan, and a complete social media strategy and roadmap to move your business forward online.

The Day’s Agenda:

We will start the day at 10:00 AM with complimentary coffee, tea, do some introductions and set the stage for what you will accomplish.
Then, we will dive right in and do the work!
As there are only 10 people, there will be plenty of 1 on 1 attention, so don’t be shy about asking questions!
We’ll break as needed, tweak the agenda as necessary, snack on some goodies around noon and lean into the positive vibes created!
We will end at 1:00 PM giving you plenty of time reflect on the day.

The Details:

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

WeWork Aventine

8910 University Center Lane Suite 400 San Diego CA 92122

Room 4C

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

**Check in via the guest registration tablet at the front desk.
**You must 
bring a photo ID when you arrive
Free street parking  (all other parking is a few dollars an hour)

So…Is this mastermind right for you?

Hey, we get it.  Your time (and money) is limited.  You don’t just want to spend either needlessly.  So here’s the scoop.  This mastermind is right for you if:

*You no longer want to feel stressed out at the thought of social media.
*You’re not a fan of people speaking at you about what you should do, but want to work with 2 experts who know what they’re doing and will actually show you how to get it done – right.
*You’re ready to actually get stuff DONE (this isn’t just a feel-good day, although we want you to feel good..)
*You’re a solo-business, brand, itty-bitty business or entrepreneur who does their social media themselves and doesn’t outsource.
*You know what you’re doing with social media but want to streamline and fast track your social media to finally see a return on your investment.
*You like a little bit of fun, personality, and humor built into your training.


$99 per person. Space is limited to the first 10 fabulous and lucky people ready to uplevel their social media for their business.


*All attendees must pay in full prior to the event. Lisa or Stephanie will send a welcome email with all the details prior to the event.
Cancellation: Attendees may cancel in writing by 10/16/18 for a full refund, less $30 admin fee. No refunds will be given if canceled after 10/16.

Still require more information?  Great!  Let’s talk.  Call me at 619-339-3979 or click HERE to email me!

Why “mastermind” with us?  Glad you asked!

We’re real people.  We’re funny (well, we like to think we are).  We love helping people. We love sales and helping business and clients connect! We have real-world experience in the corporate world and as entrepreneurs and consultants.  We speak and train as part of other’s workshops and events and thought, well, heck!  We should do one of our own.  And, most of all we don’t believe in paying a fortune to learn something valuable.

Lisacirclewhite Lisa Feren is a no B.S. , straight-talking marketing + media Strategy + trainer.  She is the owner of Handcrafted Marketing and helps her clients take their thoughts and ideas and communicate them through their content and into everything they do from their websites, social media channels,  PR and even presentations and webinars!  She helps her clients strategize to get to the heart of who they are and what they stand for so everything they do is in alignment!  Lisa spent over 2 decades in the corporate world of sales, marketing and public relations with Fortune 500 companies.  She continuously excelled in sales, winning several sales awards and honored for sales achievements.  Her pitches have landed her and her clients in the media, morning news, radio, national magazines, blogs and even TV commercials!  She has written a DIY Media course available for sale.  She currently provides ongoing social media strategy and support for several fabulous clients worlwide.

Stephanie Antin is the President/CEO of Create Healthy Families. She specializes in social media marketing in schools and non-profits. Stephanie spent 15 years in television news and won more than a dozen Emmy awards. She is also a wife and mother to three great kids. And just this past summer realized her goal of visiting her 50th country! 

Count me in!