What clients are saying!

Lisa is like a breath of fresh air.  She’s no-nonsense and gets the job done, efficiently and quickly.  I really enjoyed working with her. Coming from a strong technology background, even I was not up on social media and current software needed to add that boost of professionalism and savvy marketing necessary today!  I encourage anyone who is stuck and looking for that little boost to get you moving again or even more importantly  – to brand yourself professionally,  call Lisa – she makes it so simple!

Dr. Heidi Golding

DACM, Dipl. OM, WestPoint Med

We want to thank you for the incredible time and effort you put forward to help our new clothing company, Shopaholic Sanctuary.  It can be overwhelming learning all the different systems to get the right brand out, but not with your assistance.  In just a short amount of time, you provided us with exactly the right amount of know-how to give us that jump start on our graphics while providing unbiased feedback. Working long distance with you was so easy and the knowledge you brought to the table meant so much!  

Diane Sizemore

Owner, Shopaholic Sanctuary

Lisa’s enthusiasm is contagious. I feel jazzed when I talk with her about my business and leave feeling inspired to move on ideas rather than just think about them. She will ask me a question and before I know it the conversation gets charged with her own passion and creativity, often leading to a place I could not get to all on my own. I truly believe that Lisa is on my side and believes in me sometimes more than I believe in myself. Part of the inspiration is because she helps me see through the clutter of random ideas to the common thread that I can focus on to reach a specific goal. Because she is so dialed into social media and current marketing techniques, Lisa has a lot of skills to pull from when an idea comes up. She is always timely and reliable. She encourages me when I feel stuck, keeps me focused when I have tasks to complete, and motivates me to always think about future ideas for the business.

I feel very comfortable with Lisa. I never feel like she is planting her own ideas or pushing me in a direction for her own agenda. She really listens to what I am saying about what I want to achieve in my business. Lisa has great vision and helps me to see a clear path with specific stepping stones – a plan – to turn thoughts and dreams into tangible results.

Teresa Beckwith

Acupuncturist, Apricot Forest Acupuncture